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Ollian is Love!
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This is an Oliver/Christian Fan Community from the German television show Verbotene Liebe.
If you have a problem with slash relationships, I suggest you leave now.
However, if you love the pretty that is two men together, join!


We do have some rules:

1) Play nice. If you don't like someone, fine. We aren't going to like
eachother--but don't bring it here. If you have an issue, and if someone
is harassing you, please talk to the mods and we will take care of it.
2) Be respectful.
3) There will be discussion posts every now and then. If you want to
make one, that's fine. But just know that ever post needs to be approved
by the mods first.
4) Have Fun! :D

However if you want to be in contact with the mods/owners:

Lindsey boogabooga_xx, email: bettiebloodshed@gmail.com, aim: bettiebloodshed
Miranda ermynee224, email: andmirandasays@gmail.com, aim: andmirandasays